School Code : UP 60141

The John Milton Group of Institutions was formed in the year 1981, to provide quality and holistic education to its students. Over the last five decades, the John Milton Group of Educational Institutions has scripted success stories of trust, excellence and innovation and has created new benchmarks in the field of education. True to the words of John Dryden '' Mighty things from small beginnings grow '', the Group, which had its humble beginning in a primary School, Tajganj, near Taj Mahal, Agra, has made successful forays into the field of higher education with the establishment of . From seed to sapling to tree, and now the fruit of hard work! Spearheaded by Shri Vinod Bansal , the John Milton Group has gone through it all; braving challenges, winning victories and changing with the times, to offer quality education to school and college pupils. In all its institutions, a strong emphasis is laid to kindle and foster the academic, artistic and creative abilities and talents of students, so as to develop them to be individuals with character, vision and resourcefulness. Today, the John Milton Group of Institutions stands as a testimony to the dedicated service of its founder and is forging ahead with determination to make the institutions a name to be reckoned with, in the field of education. The John Milton Group of institutions presently manages six educational institutions JOHN MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOL, NEHRU ENCLAVE, AGRA AAJ MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOL, TAJ NAGRI, AGRA MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOL, TAJ GANJ, AGRA J MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOL, ETMADPUR JOHN MILTON I.T.I. DIAMOND PLAY HOUSE

John Milton Public School is located in a serene residential area at Nehru Enclave. The School is a Co-educational institution pursuing academic brilliance and all-round excellence. The school stands for fortitude and discipline, honing the skills involved in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Our aim is to build citizens, India will be proud of.


To prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow, to meet the challenges of a global society, while retaining their traditional values.


To be a centre for excellence in education which, in keeping with the rich heritage of India, will stress on the simultaneous development of body, mind and spirit, and endeavour to create compassionate, responsible and innovative global c itizens, committed to the development of India and the world.


We are committed to inculcate in students a sound philosophy based on humanistic ideals, and strive for continual improvement in the quality of educational offering, thus m e e ti n g t h e n e e d s o f t h e stakeholders and the community