School Code : UP 60141

A home away from home with a hygienic environment for the young ones, Diamond Play House is a wonderful world of fun and learning. We plan and create activities that help growing children in developing learning abilities. At Diamond Play House, we provide an enlightening and safe environment where children enjoy playing and learning. Play-centric activities foster the major domains of development such as social, emotional, language, sensory, fine and gross motor development. We give children a new stimulating experience though good story books, ample play material, music, puppetry, outings and a host of events conducted throughout the year. We motivate the children to learn with joy and to become confident, independent, friendly and well mannered. The most important period of life is from birth to the age of six where most of the learning happens. Here, at the Diamond Play House, we take the approach that each child is unique, with special talents and abilities and an individual learning style. The cognitive development of the child is highest during these formative years, and the curriculum has been effectively designed to make sure children get to the next stage of learning with confidence. Our Prep classes offer a safe and caring learning environment, which promotes age appropriate and all-round development.